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Course Category: Supply Chain Management

The focus of this course is the understanding of the components of Supply Chain Management (SCM), and its role within and across the function in an enterprise. SCM deals with the purchase or manufacturing, storage, and distribution of goods and services, in the right quantity, right condition, at the right time, and in the right place. The goal of this course is to provide an overview of the supply chain management function and associated concepts. The course provides an understanding of the activities involved in this function. This course also provides a basic understanding of the analytical tools and applications used in SCM. The course introduces some challenges in managing global supply chains.
This course examines strategies to identify and evaluate sources for procurement to demonstrate an understanding of internal and external supply chain processes and management. Factors that can have implications on sourcing strategies will also be reviewed, including forecasting, business process design, e-solutions and organizational structure.
This course examines the opportunities and issues in international business on an organization’s management of its supply chain. Implications are examined such as global business transactions; options for domestic, local and in-sourcing; and total cost ownership.
This course provides the student an understanding of the overarching principles and methods associated with the various modes of transportation, transportation metrics, and planning/ distribution options.
This course examines the implementation and value of warehouse and inventory management systems, inventory management project plans, and technology for a warehouse management system (WMS).
Successful organizations create product development plans that include design and marketing steps. This course enables student to develop a plan that includes improvement, product line extension and the latest technology trends.
This course enables students to demonstrate the implication of quality and measurements on continuous improvement in the production, delivery, and marketing of products. Knowledge of the application of quality strategies, methods, and technologies can reduce costs and increase efficiencies.
This course provides students an understanding of Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) and the qualification of suppliers.  Students will apply SRM theory in the development of a qualification plan.